‘Blockchain not just about cryptocurrency’ | Ahmedabad News

Ahmedabad: Blockchain technology – which allows ‘blocks’ of information/data in several chains (several public databases) simultaneously – could well be synonymous with cryptocurrency such as Bitcoins, but its applications are widespread and several of them are already finding resonance with government and private enterprises, said speakers at a webinar on theme of ‘Blockchain Technology and e-Governance’ by Gujarat National Law University (GNLU).
Jayesh Ranjan, principal secretary (IT), Government of Telangana, said that the state has initiated ‘Dharini’ project where the digitized land records get added protection layer of blockchain. He also said about T-Chits initiative to organize and make chit fund projects in the state transparent.
Adarsh S, convener of Kerala Blockchain Academy, said that the technology can be used in sectors such as certificate and degree management, maintaining records of tender processing, identity management, crime records, insurance and so on.