Villagers oppose quarry dig plans

Here is the latest on Ripple Quarry. Can someone do me a favour and put it on WN and MG for tomorrow morning? Cheers

CAMPAIGNERS in a village near a proposed new quarry site are continuing to voice their objections to the plans.

Members of the Ripple Extraction Action Community Team (REACT) are opposed to plans to dig up more than 1.5 million tons of sand and gravel at Bow Farm at Ripple, near Upton.

The group says the dig site will adversely affect their health, though the developers say this is not the case.

In a letter to Worcestershire County Council, REACT’s members said: “Having received and studied the latest documents that have been presented by Moreton Cullimore to both Worcestershire County Council and Gloucestershire County Council, REACT, representing residents in and around the proposed Bow Lane aggregate site, would like to further object.

“We are aware that objections are already being lodged by other parties with regard to questionable technical data and the legality of timings relating to the submission of this planning application, therefore we at REACT are objecting over the deep concern for our future quality of life and wellbeing.”

The letter goes on to say the sand and dust created from the site will have a negative effect on their health, and call on the county council to reject the application.

It says: “Sand and gravel has a high content of quartz, quartz is silica. Respirable Crystaline Silica is invisibly fine dust generated when quarrying sand and gravel.

“Aggregate industries staff are warned of its dangers, but local residents are not.

“When the silica particles are disturbed, they become airborne carrying particles that are a serious health hazard and are proven to cause Lung Cancer, Silicosis, Bronchitis, COPD and other respiratory diseases.”

In its research on dust, the planning application says: “Dust emissions from a minerals site, its propagation and potential impacts can be considered in terms of ‘source-pathway-receptor’ relationships.

“Dust can arise from a variety of processes and locations within a site and can be difficult to quantify.

“In general, the risk of airborne dust propagation from mineral and material processing depends on the process involved.

“Without mitigation, there is a high potential for dust emissions from the screening and washing plant and there is also a high risk at transfer points and at discharge points onto stockpiles.

“Screening and washing of minerals and imported materials would take place within the plant site area and at least 200 m away from all receptors.

“The residual source emissions from mineral and material processing are therefore considered to be Small.”

The full planning application can be viewed online at using the application reference: 19/000048/CM.

Ripple Parish Council also recommended refusal of the plans.

Its submission to the plan says: “RPC recognise the importance of maintaining mineral supplies but this should be from sites where proposals do so in the most environmentally and sympathetic manner and which, in this case scenario, both mitigate and decrease the risk of flooding. <>

“Proposals should not adversely affect the Health and Welfare of local residents, business, and recreational facilities, and fully comply with Planning Statements.”

The council also requested that the site only operates from 7am until 6pm from Monday to Friday with no weekend or bank holiday work, should the plans be approved.