Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Down $0.82 Over Past 4 Hours, Started Today Up 2.12%; in a Downtrend Over Past 30 Days

Bitcoin Cash 4 Hour Price Update

Updated September 13, 2020 01:35 AM GMT (09:35 PM EST)

Bitcoin Cash entered the current 4 hour candle at $228.44, down 0.36% ($0.82) from the previous 4 hours. Out of the 5 instruments in the Top Cryptos asset class, Bitcoin Cash ended up ranking 3rd for the four-hour candle in terms of price change relative to the previous 4 hours.

Bitcoin Cash Daily Price Recap

The back and forth price flow continues for Bitcoin Cash, which started today off at 230.17 US dollars, up 2.12% ($4.77) from the day prior. This move happened on lower volume, as yesterday’s volume was down 46.05% from the day before — and down 82.69% from the same day the week before. Relative to other instruments in the Top Cryptos asset class, Bitcoin Cash ranked 3rd since the day prior in terms of percentage price change. The daily price chart of Bitcoin Cash below illustrates.

Bitcoin Cash Technical Analysis

The clearest trend exists on the 30 day timeframe, which shows price moving down over that time. For another vantage point, consider that Bitcoin Cash’s price has gone up 8 of the previous 14 trading days.

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  • From btcfork:

    Why are there so many alt-coins?Because that’s where you can “move fast and break things”.That’s where you don’t need to convince existing holders / investors that your proposal has real merit.If you want to improve a top coin like Bitcoin Cash, the bar is higher.#BCH

  • From twobitidiot:

    Bitcoin Cash should pivot to proof of stake, destroy “dead” coins that don’t move in 10 years, and give the inflation rewards and future network fees to holders.Why isn’t this more interesting than their current approach?

  • From WeissCrypto:

    #BitMEX may be one of the largest crypto derivatives platforms, but it offers the lowest return on #Bitcoin cash and carry trades. If cash and carry is your thing, you should use #Binance. It’s the place to be for those kind of trades. No other exchange comes close.