Litecoin On Bearish Momentum: 4.72% Down In The Last 6 Hours

Litecoin is currently on bearish momentum. At 13:03 EST on Monday, 18 January, Litecoin is at $147.41 and down by 4.72% in the last 6 hours.

Litecoin Range

Over the last six hours, Litecoin’s higher value was $154.37 and the lower value was $147.41.

Over the last twelve hours, Litecoin’s higher value was $154.37 and the lower value was $141.26.

About Litecoin’s daily highs and lows, it’s 4.354% up from its trailing 24-hour low of $141.26 and 4.509% down from its trailing 24-hour high of $154.37.

In relation to Litecoin’s yearly highs and lows, it’s 476.496% up from its 52-week low and 20.653% down from its 52-week high.


Litecoin’s last day, last week, and last month’s average volatility was a negative 1.29%, a negative 3.12%, and a positive 0.85%, respectively.

Litecoin’s last day, last week, and last month’s high and low average amplitude percentage was 7.11%, 17.27%, and 13.86%, respectively.

News about Bitcoin

Liquidators want more power to probe south african Bitcoin trader. According to Bloomberg Quint on Friday, 15 January, “There were no proper accounting records and Bitcoin was transferred in and out,” Brandon Topham, the FSCA’s divisional executive for enforcement said. “, “Thus no definitive answer currently exists as to how much Bitcoin was actually invested, but is in the region of 23,000 plus.”

Bitcoin bank review: comprehensive sign up guide for Bitcoin bank trading app. According to Business Insider on Friday, 15 January, “The worth of Bitcoin in the two companies are $76 million and $620 million, respectively. “, “With this platform, the risk involved in crypto trading in the Bitcoin market gets minimized. ”

Bitcoin ends a choppy week of trading with prices below $40,000. According to Bloomberg Quint on Friday, 15 January, “Critics, on the other hand, argue that Bitcoin is another symptom of market froth, with prices prone to manipulation.”, “I think Bitcoin is real, has further to run, and the recent selloff was probably profit taking,” said Gregory Perdon, co-chief investment officer at Arbuthnot Latham in London. ”

Bitcoin fee wars erupt as upstart targets grayscale’s billions. According to Bloomberg Quint on Friday, 15 January, “In the absence of a Bitcoin ETF — which U.S. regulators have yet to approve — buying shares of GBTC and BITW is seen as one of the easiest ways for investors to get Bitcoin exposure without having to sign up for a crypto exchange or create a digital wallet. “, “We’re committed to a low-cost product and to best-in-class service providers and we’re excited to offer investors a new alternative in the exchange-traded Bitcoin fund space,” King said in an interview.”

Coinlab reaches deal with mt. gox trustee over Bitcoin claims. According to Bloomberg Quint on Friday, 15 January, “Gox bankruptcy, and MGIFLP, a unit of Fortress Investment Group LLC, will allow creditors to consider an offer of as much as 90% of the remaining Bitcoin tied up in the bankruptcy.”, “Gox was once the world’s biggest Bitcoin exchange, until it closed in early 2014 after losing about 850,000 Bitcoin belonging to thousands of customers. ”

Bitcoin retreats from $40,000 level strategists view as key. According to Bloomberg Quint on Monday, 18 January, “The flow into the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust would likely need to sustain its $100 million per day pace over the coming days and weeks for such a breakout to occur,” the strategists wrote in a note on Friday.”, “The JPMorgan strategists said Bitcoin was in a similar position in late November, except with $20,000 as the test. ”

A record $3.7 billion in Bitcoin options are set to expire on January 29 as interest in cryptocurrencies surges. According to Business Insider on Monday, 18 January, “Options contracts worth around 101,000 Bitcoin – or $3.7 billion at Monday’s prices – are to to expire on January 29,’s data showed, although not every option will result in a trade. “, “But interest has risen sharply over the last few months as the Bitcoin price has surged towards an all-time high near $42,000 earlier this month. “