This Altcoins Misunderstanding Could Cost You a Fortune This Altcoins Misunderstanding Could Cost You a Fortune

Here’s a little investing brain teaser.

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What do these four companies have in common … besides absolutely massive gains?

  • Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)
  • Oracle (NYSE:ORCL)
  • (NYSE:CRM)
  • Adobe Systems (NASDAQ:ADBE)

They’re all well-known tech giants worth a ton of money, from Oracle’s $180 billion valuation to Microsoft’s $1.5 trillion.

But there’s another more important answer that’s key to understanding a new opportunity that could match or even exceed those gains …

Here’s the most important thing those four companies have in common — they are software companies.

If you know anything about software, you know it’s one of the greatest wealth generators of the past 50 years.

Investing with Bill Gates’ Microsoft in 1986 — just before the world went wild for its productivity-enhancing software — led to shares skyrocketing 210,900%.

That’s enough to turn every $10,000 invested into more than $21,000,000.

An early stake in software innovator Larry Ellison’s Oracle in 1990 — just before the business’ software was adopted by thousands of companies — led to shares skyrocketing 93,533%.

Salesforce has become one of the world’s leading business software companies, and its shares are up 4,685% since its IPO in 2004.

And Adobe Systems, the hugely popular software company, has soared an extraordinary 197,000% since 1986.

This software connection is critical because investing right now in select “altcoins” — cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin — is like investing early in these software companies.

The single most expensive belief out there might be that altcoins are “fantasy internet money.”

They are not.

Altcoins are investments in blockchain projects that make our lives easier, more productive, and more efficient.

These companies are laying the groundwork for an entirely new world. Buying an altcoin is like buying an early stake in the software programs that made the internet so revolutionary!

In fact, John Bates, director of product management for Adobe, says blockchain is “on par with technology like personal computers and the internet.”

Thinking of cryptocurrencies as traditional currencies could be the costliest mistake investors make. So please, ignore much of what you hear about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology they are built on.

Instead, focus on these two key facts that matter most:

Fact #1: The blockchain is the next transformational technology platform.

Everything will soon use blockchain technology as it becomes the new internet. It will completely rewrite how business is done and personal fortunes are built in the modern age.

Fact #2: The only way you can have direct ownership in this groundbreaking technology is through altcoins.

Blockchain technology is going to destroy the middleman and revolutionize the way you bank, shop, travel, heat your home, and so much more.

Think of altcoins as revolutionary new software programs that will unleash tsunamis of productivity… and profits.

There are all kinds of amazing altcoins already making the world a better place. The best opportunities are in those harnessing blockchain technology to improve a massive issue.

Like MediBloc (NYSE:MED), a blockchain company that is shaking up the nearly $12 trillion global healthcare industry. It’s rewriting the way our personal information is stored and shared across numerous healthcare and insurance companies.

This will save you a lot of time and money. No more writing down your medical information every time you go to the hospital or a new doctor.

But it’s about so much more than convenience. It’s also about security. MediBloc allows you to completely control your own information. You choose who can see it and who can’t. That’s hugely important because it’s estimated that by 2024, everyone in the U.S. will have had their healthcare data compromised. Everyone!

Whether you realize it yet or not, MediBloc is on the frontlines fighting on behalf of you and your loved ones to keep your most sensitive data safe and secure.

Because of the incredible work it’s doing, the altcoin was up an amazing 754% at one point.

Blockchain technology will have a greater influence on our daily lives in ways you never would’ve guessed.

This technology will disrupt every single industry.

All this disruption and change is creating a once-in-a-lifetime financial opportunity for those who get in early.

The only way to join the blockchain revolution is to own altcoins.

When people wake up to the fact that altcoins aren’t fantasy internet money — or a wannabe version of bitcoin — there will be an enormous rush into this asset class.

Bitcoin pioneer Charlie Shrem and I call this “The Awakening,” and it will lead to mainstream acceptance of altcoins as a serious investment vehicle.

This awakening is lighting a fuse under the altcoin market, one that I expect will set off a huge explosion of wealth.

To claim some of that wealth for yourself, you must first understand what altcoins really are — not what most people think they are. They are revolutionary software programs built on a transformation technology platform that will change our world.

And they can change your financial situation, too.

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