Send, store and receive Bitcoin with Crypto Android Wallets

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In order to store, send and receive bitcoin safely and securely, it is crucial to make use of a crypto android wallet.

Consisting of three broad categories, namely hardware wallets, paper wallets and software wallets, crypto android wallets makes storing bitcoin and bitcoin transactions simple, reliable and secure these are categorised into three types: desktop, mobile, and web wallets, the software wallet offers bitcoin users.

What are Crypto Android Wallets?

Essentially, Crypto android wallets are used for managing cryptocurrencies. If you are an android user and want to get involved in cryptocurrencies, you will undoubtedly need a crypto wallet to manage them.

A study conducted by the High-Tech Security firm has also revealed that most Android wallets are less vulnerable to attacks.

However, the study revealed that most of the crypto wallets are vulnerable to data theft. It also reported that the platform used for developing the apps is not secure enough. Lastly, the study showcases that most android wallets are using older SSL and TLS security features which results in poor cryptography.

Android Crypto Wallets: Experts pick


Available on both Android and iOs devices., offering safety and security for your bitcoin transactions, Coinbase allows you to manage (buy, sell, send, and receive) cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase also offers versatility, supporting multiple cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, XRP and Litecoin.

BRD Wallet

Offering multiple security features such as biometric, fingerprint features, and a 2-factor-authentication. With its simple user interface and multiple cryptocurrency support, BRD provides android cryptocurrency users a simple and secure way to store, sell and receive bitcoin.

However, if you think you need a vault for all your digital assets offline, using a high-security bitcoin wallet instead will not only offer you offline security but each will be able to offer a vault

for all your digital assets. For more crypto trading guides visit crypto trader.