Ripple (XRP) Blockchain Community Looking for Direct News than Derived News from Published Interviews

In response to the launch of the XRP foundation, one of the members in the Ripple community opined that if looking at governance and other decentralized infrastructure initiatives “Will the Foundation stand up communication with the XRP community?” Frictionless Federation has some incentive alignment challenges in governance and infrastructure support that perhaps needs some dialog

Moonomics tweeted:  “It’s nice to actually be communicated with as a community.  It’s about time, information derived from published interviews with BG or CL is no longer deemed ‘communication’ with investors!”

For those who do not know, BG stands for Brad Garlinghouse and CL stands for Chris Larsen.

While the recent launch of XRP Foundation being a great move, the community is disappointed about Ripple not updating information about the community. Some of the community members are convinced that the formation of foundations will make a difference with time.

Some of them were curious to know about the list of board members.  The business plan, which will help people understand how development takes place.

It is well known that Ripple has big customers, but some of the community members were keen to know more about regulations.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Ripple (XRP) are surely opening up their corridors, they have been trying hard to knock at the doors of policy makers visible from the recent Last Mile in Global Payments.” 

One of the community member commented stating, things are heating up, regulations, use cases etc. If customers aren’t climbing over themselves then there’s something else going on. As always users are interested in the value of XRP going up. Some of them concerned because even coins with less use case and acclaim are able to make some decent profits for their investors.

Ripple (XRP) Criticisms

Some of the active community members had some criticism stating that Brad is always laughing in public.  They feel that this is a huge show of extreme confidence to the extent that it comes across as arrogance.

Some of them even feel that there is a time when one asks if it is all for entertainment or to help absorb the shock value when the green light goes off. Haters continue to state that it is not XRP and there are yet others who say that Ripple holds the largest amount of XRP.

While regular criticisms are in place, Ripple is working towards improving the prospects for last mile payments and also to improve on the chances for interoperability.