Princes adopts blockchain as part of its ‘proactive approach’ to illegal labour in Italian agriculture

Princes is introducing on-pack Quick Response (QR) codes for its Napolina tinned tomatoes, allowing consumers to access ‘the story behind the products’ – the ‘impact and journey’ – from farming cooperatives to supermarket shelves. Working alongside traceability start-up Provenance, the initiative has also seen the launch of a new ‘responsible sourcing’ webpage, to provide further insight into Napolina’s product story.

“By giving shoppers meaningful assurance on our brand values of transparency and our sustainability efforts, we can build trust and loyalty. Through the on-pack QR codes, we are engaging shoppers with a mobile-friendly experience that is supported by data from our supply chain and the Provenance platform,​” Neil Brownbill, Italian Products Commercial Director, commented.

“Our consumers can now clearly see how these products are made, where they come from and who was involved. The Provenance partnership will also provide us with a greater understanding of the particular areas our customers care about, alongside a stronger feedback loop to inform our future efforts in this area.”

The systems and webpage aim to be a ‘consumer-friendly’ way of communicating the environmental and social impact of the products. This, Princes hopes, will mean consumers and customers can ‘better understand the impact behind what they’re buying’.

The drive for transparency: ‘Consumers want to know more’

The initiative is part of Princes’ wider ambition to enhance trust and transparency across its brands, from canned tomatoes and seafood to juices.