DBLend, the first blockchain DeFi project in DiBi Global ecosystem, has entered the development stage

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 17
September 2020 – Global digital currency trading platform, DiBi Global exchange, today announced that
DBLend (Version 1.0 ) development phase officially launched.

DBLend is a digital currency lending platform which centred
around the usage of DeFi (Decentralized Financial) smart contract base on
blockchain technology as a trusted intermediary in facilitating the growth of
global lending marketplace.

Maggie, the Co-Founder of DBLend’s Chinese Community, said: “As
blockchain technology and DeFi (Decentralized Financial) applications become
more and more mature, It is likely that DeFi will change the entire financial
system in the near future. As early as 2019, DiBi Global has been laying out
its own DeFi ecosystem. As the first and most important DeFi application of
DiBi Global, DBLend project has been widely concerned as soon as it was
lauched, that’s because of DBLend’s decentralized mining mechanism and users’
multiple ways of making profits here, and all of these features are based on
smart contracts on the blockchain. In the long run, code is more reliable than
humanity. Through the smart contract in blockchain technology, trust and
consensus can be well established. In addition, smart contract technology
automates the movement of funds and tokens, amplifying the provision of
liquidity to digital currency market participants. “

According to the whitepaper, Lenders and borrowers in DBLend
platform are matched automatically through the smart contract (Ethereum-based
protocol), eradicating the need for third parties. It’s loaning feature plays
it safe for borrowers by allowing only up to 70% of the collateral’s worth,
rather than the full 100%—-minimizing risks. In additon, users have multiple
investment options with high-profit on the DBLend platform, such as DBL (DBLend
token) mining, providing DBL liquidity for the interest pool, mainstream token
lending, mainstream token lending, etc.

“I think DeFi will change from serving the financial
industry to changing the entire financial system. Today, I am so glad that DiBi
Global officially launched the development of DBLend platform 1.0 which I
believe will be released soon. ” Maggie added.

For more details, please visit https://www.dblend.pro

About DiBi Global

DiBi Global Exchange is the first global trading
platform with multiple decentralized rules which was founded by DiBi
Technology Co., Ltd. 

The mission of DiBi Global is to transform research into
innovative applications that help investors and users have more fairer and
safer trading experience through the application of blockchain, smart contract,
and other related technologies.