Bulls Take Charge: ZIL Token, ALGO, and MIOTA Shines with Decent Gains

General crypto market gains today. A wide bullish signal cuts across all crypto markets since the past 24 hours as both BTC and altcoins are gaining moderately.

We saw mild price gains as BTC crossed the $10,700 area. With a clear indication of an inbound bull run, prices are heading towards the $11,000 area for the second time this month.

Amid this reasonable upward wave, most altcoins are nurturing a bull market which drives their prices up the charts. Among the most notable at this time is Zilliqa which accrues as much as 17% in the daily timeframe. Others, like Algorand, however, are mirroring the effect towards greater heights.

#1. Zilliqa (ZIL 17% Gain):

Zilliqa makes the first spot among this wave of gainers with a 17% daily profit.

Zilliqa’s [ZIL] gains come amid several weeks of sideways movement which in turn, is instigating a bull market within the last day.

ZIL is currently trading at $0.016 amid a market cap of $180 million. The coin’s exchange volume within the last 24 hours is hovering around $68 million.

Technical Points

ZIL broke the resistance at $0.0155 to surpass the level. Eventually, the coin rose all the way to $0.016 with a 17% profit.

Beyond this level, the next level ofajor resistance lies at $0.017 where prices have tested and failed in the past.

  • Next major resistance $0.017
  • Next major support at $0.0155
  • RSI at oversold condition at 25.0

#2. Algorand (ALGO 7% Gain):

ALGO takes the second position on our priority market watch list today having made earnings equal to around 7%.

The coin conserves a heavy market acceptance among 90% traders who believe ALGO may finally bounce and recoil some more gains. 

ALGO is having a good year and  hourly record. In the one year graph, the coin gained almost 60%. Although lost 21% in the last 2 weeks, ALGO basked a 12% rise in the last two months.

Currently changing hands at $0.322, ALGO’s market is entirely capped at $258 million amid exchange volumes around $621 million.

Technical Points

  • Next key resistance level lies at $0.35
  • Next major support level at $0.30
  • RSI is flat at the oversold condition at 20.0

#3. IOTA (MIOTA 7% Gain):

MIOTA is next on today’s list. The coin is up around 7% in the past 24 hours.

The first time this week that MIOTA appears on the top gainers’ list. The top cryptocurrency has been a bit out of place without any gains for a while now.

MIOTA sees losses in many timelines including the yearly and monthly, both of which are 1.9% and 28% respectively. Profits are seen in the last hour with a 1.9% profit.

Technical Points

MIOTA increased progressively and broke key resistances effortlessly to touch $0.34. At the apex, however, MIOTA bounced off the $0.34 level and retraced a bit downwards towards $0.32.

  • Next major resistance level at $0.35
  • Next key support at $0.30
  • RSI is parallel at the 20.0 level with the upside being imminent.

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